Expertise across the wellness spectrum.


From health care to spa and across the wellness spectrum Under a Tree has the expertise to push the industry and companies within it, to new levels. Working with you each step of the way, our team will with you from helping to better understand your concept, to thinking outside the box with design, to paying attention to detail in service menu and programming, to helping you realize more profitability from your business.


Feasibility & Business Development

Our team offers business model development and expertise to assist your company in decision-making and clarification of direction. Our unbiased approach supports long-term sustainability and responsible growth through audits, business assessments, scenario analysis, market research, feasibility analysis, performance benchmarking and financial projections. Specific deliverables include:

• Quality Assurance Audits

• Market Research

• Competitive Review

• Feasibility & Pro Forma Analysis

• Investor Presentations

• Introductions to Third-party Management Opportunities

Concept & Design Development

We articulate clear and compelling health and wellness experiences that leverage your unique attributes and business opportunities, creating a strategic blueprint that serves as the fundamental reference point for all subsequent design, programming and operational decisions. Based on the parameters established within the concept, we then define the form, function and distinguishing characteristics of the facility, establishing a functional framework and operational context for design development. We support an enlightened and efficient planning and construction process through seamless coordination with each discipline, providing key advice at different stages that saves time and often eliminates expensive errors.

Health & Wellness Programming

Mirroring the increasing cross-pollination and the resulting hybridization between spa, beauty and wellness disciplines, we use this opportunity to fully integrate distinctive offerings in fitness, mind/body, and special programs/events that focus on lifestyle education. Retail, food & beverage and other non-treatment components further enrich the guest experience and enhance the bottom line. Examples include: outdoor wellness, adventure, family, integrated wellness, executive health programs and destination packages.

Development of treatment portfolio based on research and recommendation of full spectrum services, products and vendors that distinguish the unique focus of the project and align to its philosophy:

• Program and Menu Development

• Cultural, Historical & Indigenous Research

• Fitness and Mind/Body Program Development

• Educational Programs including: Health, Family, Couples, Personal Growth, Culture, Arts, Music, Adventure and Nature

• Retail Strategic Planning and Recommendations to Support Program and Services research, feasibility analysis, performance benchmarking and financial projections

Operations Management & Support

Everyday performance is the heart of the service business- for both guests and employees. We work as an extension of your internal team to build operation procedures, guidelines and upgrades. We merge with your key staff members to share our vast collective expertise in award-winning locations and highly-acclaimed business models. For both new ventures and existing businesses, we provide extensive operational input to create, implement and manage all process and procedures - from staffing to service standards. We help streamline your operational processes, focusing on ways to improve underproductive departments and/or systems to optimize your potential:

• Retail & Merchandising

• Private Label Brands – Products and/or Services

• Standard Operating Procedures and Manuals

• Recruitment and Ongoing Mentorship

• Implementation and Training

• Retail Sales Training

• Client Service / Client Care Training