Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Established: 2012

Type of Facility: Executive Health, Fitness and Wellness Centre

Size of Facility: 14,000 sf  / 1,300 m2

Treatment Rooms: One on one fitness, 1 blood draw, 4 exercise and stress test, 5 physician exam, audio/visual testing, 5 wellness, retail and private VIP dining

Length of Involvement: 6 years, from conception to opening


Oldest integrative medical facility in Canada 

Under a Tree supported INLIV, the oldest integrative wellness facility in Canada, in redefining its objectives and rebranding. Our work included research and development, product development, and wellness program design to include weight management, acupuncture, functional diagnostic testing and integrative medicine consultation. Following this project, INLIV became the premier executive health and wellness center in Calgary.

Over the course of six years, our role has included:

  • Research & Development 18 months 

  • 2 acquisitions; rebuild (5th & 6th floor) redesign & rebrand

  • Client service training

  • Product development (vitamins, other retail)

  • Exec Health program development and;

    • Weight management

    • Acupuncture

    • Functional diagnostic testing 

    • Integrative medicine consult 

  • Membership Program

  • Rebrand- website marketing and PR

Amy and her team had a high level of professionalism and together we launched acupuncture and massage, a Weight Management Program, revised our Executive Health Program and developed a variety of marketing, client surveys and events among other initiatives. No matter who on the UaT team we worked with I was confident that work would be delivered on time, professionally and with our long-term success in mind.
— Vince Danielsen, Managing Leader